South America


Dear friends, we invite you to a unique corner of our planet that is unlike anything else in the world, captivating with its wild and rugged beauty. This journey will transport us thousands of years back to the true ice age. Traveling by jeeps through Argentina and Chile, we will witness some of the highest glaciers in the world, marvel at the grandeur of the famous Perito Moreno, whose chunks crash thunderously into the water. We will embark on treks to the renowned needle-shaped peaks of Cerro Torre, the inaccessible Fitzroy, and the «Blue Towers of Torres».

We will encounter numerous herds of guanacos, flamingos, rheas, and condors. We will get acquainted with the traditional way of life of local farmers, savor the famous meat dish Asado Cordero made from Patagonian lamb, and sample exquisite local wines. We will witness breathtaking sunrises and sunsets amidst panoramas that leave us breathless, capture the most incredible photographs, and enjoy the vast pampas and fantastic mountain landscapes of the «land of the long-legged» in beautiful Patagonia every day.


Type of expedition

  • Autotour
  • Tracking
  • Adventure
  • Getting to know authentic cultures
  • Communication with pristine nature


  • El Calafate — Perito Moreno — El Chalten – Fitzroy — Puerto Natales — Torres del Paine — Gray Glacier — El Calafate

Difficulty level

  • 5 out of 10
  • Hiking routes of 8 — 15 km per day
  • Driving for 2-4 hours a day


  • The trip will last 11 days


  • Group of up to 10 people


  • two people each
  • hotels 3-4*

Required requirements

  • Regular physical training

Travel experts

  • Evgeny Shilenkoff
  • Nail Khanbekov

How much is it?

The cost of participation is 2700 €

The price includes

  • services of W-Expeditions travel experts
  • transfers to/from the airport (if you arrive and depart in accordance with our program)
  • car rental
  • car insurance and fuel
  • boats and ferry crossings according to the route
  • entrance tickets and permits to Fitzroy and Torres del Paine National Parks
  • visit to the Perito Moreno Glacier Park
  • accommodation in comfortable hotels of level 3 — 4 * along the route
  • breakfast in hotels
  • all activities specified in the program
  • assistance and advice during the preparation for the trip
  • assistance in the selection of air tickets
  • group equipment and first aid kit

Paid separately

  • tickets from your city to El Calafate
  • surcharge for single occupancy (optional)
  • meals not specified in the program, drinks
  • travel insurance
  • transfers not included in the program
  • boat trip to the glacier and mini-trekking along Perito Moreno
  • excursions not included in the program
  • the rest of your expenses

travel dates

from 06 to 16.03.2023

there are no seats

I’m coming

from 17 to 27.03.2023

7 seats

I’m coming

Four steps to travel!


Write your name, a convenient way of communication and your wishes


Download, review, add personal data and send it to us


Make an advance payment of 10%, the remaining amount two weeks before departure

Let’s fly!

We will arrange all the necessary documents for you: tickets, accommodation reservations, permits, etc.

Expedition route

The first day of the trip

Welcome to Argentina! At El Calafate Airport (FTE), you will be greeted by W-Expeditions staff. Right after collecting your luggage, we will head to the hotel. Once we check-in, you’ll have the opportunity to freshen up and relax a bit after the long flight.

After lunch, those interested can join us for a stroll around the city. We’ll explore local attractions, observe the locals and visitors from all corners of the world. We’ll also visit local shops where we can purchase liqueurs and jams made from local berries, specifically called «Calafate» like the city itself.

We will spend the evening in one of the cozy restaurants. We will sample the local Argentine cuisine, taste the regional wines, and get to know each other better.

Included: transfers, one night in a hotel.

The second day of the trip

The drivers will rise early and set off to retrieve our vehicles, while the rest of the participants can leisurely enjoy breakfast and savor a cup of aromatic coffee, anticipating our encounter with one of the main wonders of Patagonia – the Perito Moreno Glacier.

We will bring trekking shoes, jackets just in case, sunglasses, sunscreen, drinking water, and cameras. We take our seats in our cars and speed eastward to Los Glaciares National Park.

The Perito Moreno Glacier is magnificent, with thousands of bright-blue ice ridges, towers, and castles. It is also one of the largest among the forty-eight existing glaciers in Patagonia today. Its terrestrial part reaches a height of 60 meters, equivalent to almost 20 floors, while its underwater part is three times larger. Perito Moreno is a «living glacier» that does not melt and moves at a speed of 2 meters per day. We will admire its beauty from special viewing platforms, capture hundreds of shots, and then continue our journey.

*As an additional option, we can take a boat ride closer to this incredible natural wonder or embark on a mini-trekking excursion on the glacier itself.

After enjoying the icy beauty, we will head to a ranch. Our introduction to the local way of life will begin with hot drinks and homemade pastries, while admiring the majestic Andes Mountains. We will also listen to the story of how this typical ranch, once dedicated to sheep farming, transformed into one of the most prestigious establishments in the region over its 100 years of existence.

After our tea time, we will embark on a walk around the ranch. We will explore the stables, sheep pens, and get acquainted with the lifestyle and local farming practices. After enjoying the surrounding beauty, taking hundreds of photographs, and working up a good appetite, we will indulge in a traditional roasted lamb dish cooked on a spit, accompanied by a bottle of exquisite Malbec wine and vegetables grown in the local garden. In the evening, we will return to El Calafate.

Included: breakfast, ranch tour, lunch, one night in a hotel.

The third day of the trip

We rise early, have a quick breakfast, and set off in our jeeps towards the small town of El Chaltén, at the base of the famous Fitzroy mountain, along the renowned Route 40! This route runs parallel to the Andes mountain range and is considered iconic in South America.

The Ruta 40 road stretches for 5,000 km and is one of the longest in the world. It begins in the north at the border of Bolivia, traverses 20 national parks, crosses 18 major rivers, passes over 236 bridges, tackles 27 mountain passes, with one reaching an altitude of 5,000 meters. It also passes by 13 major lakes and salt flats before reaching its southern end in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

Upon arrival in El Chaltén, we will check into the hotel, take some rest, have lunch, and then set out to explore the surroundings. We’ll take a walk to a small waterfall or to the Mirador de los Condores lookout point, where we’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the iconic peaks of Cerro Torre and Fitzroy, surrounded by glaciers, lakes, rivers, and forests. If we’re lucky, we may even spot condors soaring in the sky. Afterward, we’ll return to the hotel.

This evening, we will have a festive dinner and celebrate with lively table songs. We will share interesting stories, warm words, and simply rejoice in life!

Included: breakfast, one night in a hotel.

The fourth day of the trip

For the most resilient among us, we suggest rising before dawn and heading to a special location to witness the sunrise casting a pink glow on Fitzroy. This incredibly beautiful sight is worth starting the day with such incredible views!

Afterwards, we will return to the hotel and have breakfast with the rest of the group. The rest of the day is free. Those who wish to relax can stay at the hotel, while those who are eager to explore can join a short but incredibly scenic trek to Laguna Sierra.

We will spend the evening in a cozy restaurant, savoring dishes from the local cuisine paired with exquisite Malbec wine. Afterwards, tired and content, we will retire for the night.

Included: breakfast, trekking activity, one night in a hotel.

The fifth day of the trip

For the most active participants, today is the day for an adventurous and challenging trekking experience. We will wake up very early and have a hearty breakfast because we are going to tackle long ascents and descents totaling 20 kilometers. Along the way, we will pass by the beautiful Laguna Capri, which offers some of the best panoramic views of Fitzroy. We will traverse the Magellanic forests and reach the glaciers themselves.

After reaching the De los Tres Lagoon, located at the foot of Fitzroy, we will take a break. These places leave an indelible mark on your memory for a lifetime. Surrounded by two valleys and incredible beauty, you forget about everything else. We will relax, replenish our energy, take another thousand photos to share on social media, and then, happy and satisfied, we will begin our journey back.

In the evening, we return to the hotel. We will have dinner and then retire for the night.

Included: breakfast, trekking, overnight stay at the hotel.

The sixth day of the trip

Today, you can sleep a little longer, have a leisurely breakfast, and enjoy the beautiful views while savoring a cup of aromatic coffee. Then, we will pack our belongings, check out of the hotel, bid farewell to the charming town of El Chaltén and the majestic Fitz Roy, and continue our journey. We have more than 400 kilometers ahead of us, including crossing the border between Argentina and Chile.

During the journey, we will make stops for photos and rest. Before crossing the Chilean border, we will carefully inspect our cars to ensure there are no food items. It is important that nothing edible is left, not even a crumb, as Chilean customs can impose a fine. We will then stop for rest and overnight stay in Puerto Natales, a beautiful town located on the shores of a lake with magnificent views of Torres del Paine.

Included: breakfast, overnight stay in a hotel.

Seventh day of the trip

Today we wake up early, have a hearty breakfast, and check out of our hotel. Before leaving the city, we fill up our cars with fuel and head towards Torres del Paine National Park. Along the way, we will witness the formidable pointed mountains, abundant mountain rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, blue tongues of glaciers, and vast valleys where guanacos graze.

Immediately after registering at the checkpoint, we will head towards the starting point of our trek to the Towers of Torres del Paine. We’ll carry lightweight backpacks, cameras, and everything necessary for a mountain hike, leaving the rest of our belongings in the cars. The round-trip trek will take approximately 4 hours. Our reward will be the mesmerizing sight of one of the most beautiful and famous places in Torres del Paine National Park. Initially, our path will lead us through a peculiar, wind-sculpted forest, and then we’ll ascend the glacier moraine, reaching a stunning viewpoint in front of the three gigantic pointed peaks known as Las Torres: Torre Sur (2850m), Torre Central (2800m), and Torre Norte (2600m), soaring over a kilometer into the sky!

After the trek, we will return to our cars and head to the hotel located on the banks of the beautiful Serrano River, offering marvelous views of the Torres del Paine peaks. We will check-in at the hotel and enjoy some rest before having dinner.

Included: breakfast, overnight stay in the hotel.

The eighth day of the trip

We don’t linger in bed because the earlier we wake up, the more time we’ll have to explore the national park, and there is so much to see! After a hearty breakfast, we grab our small backpacks, water bottles, packed lunches, and cameras, and head towards the park.

We will have a short transfer and arrive at Pudeto Pier, where we will board a boat and sail to the Paine Grande Refuge. Upon arrival, we will embark on a trek to the French Valley (Valle Frances), covering a distance of 18 km and taking approximately 7-8 hours round trip. The beginning of our journey will take us past Scottsburg Lake, named after the Swedish botanist Carl Skottsberg, who worked in these areas in the early 20th century. Along the way, we will witness the breathtaking peaks of Los Cuernos, famous for their black «horns» that soar into the sky.

From the Italian Campground, we will begin our ascent to the first stop, the Plateau, which offers breathtaking views. The mountain range and glacier will be right in front of us, so close that it feels like you can reach out and touch the summit. Below us, we will have an amazing view of the azure Nordenskjöld Lake framed by the Magellanic forests.

From the Plateau, we will continue our ascent towards Mirador Británico. There, we will be greeted with equally stunning views of the Torres del Paine, but from the opposite side. While the «Three Towers» may not appear as enchanting from this perspective, the 360-degree view will surround us with mountain peaks: Paine Grande, Cerro Hoja, Cerro Máscara, Cerro Catedral, Cerro Aleta de Tiburón, and Cuerno Norte. This will be our final destination before we begin the descent to the Italian Campground and then to the Paine Grande Shelter. We will take a short break here, enjoy a cup of warming beverage, and then head to our hotel. In the evening, tired and content, we will rest and recharge for the upcoming adventures.

Included: breakfast, trekking, overnight in a hotel

The ninth day of the journey

We wake up early, have a hearty breakfast, pack our lunch boxes, fill our thermoses with hot beverages, and set off on a radial hike to the famous Chilean glacier, Grey. The glacier resembles an enormous paw, stretching 30 km in length and 6 km in width, descending into the lake of the same name.

Most of our path will run parallel to the lake’s shore. Along the way, we’ll admire the lake, waterfalls, and the glacier from the lookout points. The trail is not difficult but not easy either, and there will be moments when we’ll break a sweat. However, the reward is almost otherworldly—the stunning beauty of the glacier’s blue ice, towering peak, and the smoothness of the lake. Once we reach the Mirador Lago Grey viewpoint, we’ll take a break, rest, refuel, and have a photo session. We need to enrich our collection with new wonderful photos from one of the most beautiful places in the world!

We will begin our return journey immediately after the rest. We’ll make our way to Paine Grande and from there, take the familiar route to the opposite shore where our cars are parked. After a short transfer, we’ll arrive at our hotel. We’ll take some time to relax and then gather around the table to celebrate the completion of our trekking routes in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world.

Included: breakfast, overnight stay in the hotel.

Tenth day of the trip

Today, you can sleep in a bit longer. After all the trekking, you deserve it. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and then find a spot on the enclosed veranda with a cup of aromatic coffee to continue marveling at the incredible views of the National Park. Oh, how reluctant it is to leave from here… Yes, it’s time to head back home, and of course, it’s a bit sad, but there are also joyful moments — you can start preparing for the next trip.

And our journey continues. Leaving the cozy hotel behind, we will head to the picturesque Salto Grande waterfall, connecting Lake Nordenskjöld and Lake Pehoé. We’ll admire the beauty, take another series of photos for social media, and continue our onward journey. After approximately 4 hours of driving, we will arrive at the familiar town of El Calafate. We’ll check into our hotel, return our off-road vehicles, and go shopping for souvenirs for our loved ones. In the evening, we’ll gather around the table, celebrating our wonderful journey, sharing impressions, and discussing plans for future adventures!

Included: breakfast, overnight stay in the hotel

The eleventh day of the journey

After breakfast, we will have a group transfer to the airport. Farewell embraces and wishes for future reunions! Patagonia, goodbye, you will forever remain in our hearts!

Included: breakfast, overnight stay in the hotel

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what else needs to be considered

The majority of expenses for organizing the trip, such as transportation tickets, accommodation, excursions, services of local guides, etc., are handled by us well in advance of the journey. The prepayment or payment made by you is non-refundable in the event of your cancellation. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to refund it.


  • Arrival: We meet you with the W-expeditions sign at El Calafate Airport.
  • Departure: tickets can be taken on the last day.

Clothing and equipment

  • a small backpack, for water, snacks and documents
  • lightweight hiking trousers, shirts/t-shirts, shorts, swimsuit, towel
  • protective cream, sun protection glasses, hygienic lipstick and headdress
  • comfortable hiking shoes: trekking boots, sneakers
  • a patch, iodine and necessarily a set of personal medicines for your specific cases​
  • you will receive a complete list of necessary equipment and clothing from the personal manager of w-expeditions

Country information


  • All restrictions have been lifted
  • We recommend purchasing medical insurance that covers the costs of COVID-19 treatment


  • Citizens of Canada, the USA, the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine do not need a visa.


  • Mandatory vaccinations are not required


  • We reserve the right to skip any event due to insurmountable circumstances
  • The start and end times of services specified in the program may vary depending on traffic and other unforeseen circumstances
  • You will receive detailed instructions, recommendations on equipment and priority items immediately after connecting you to a closed chat
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