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South America


Dear friends, we invite you to one of the most exotic and enigmatic countries in South America — Peru. We are going to encounter magnificent palaces, ancient pyramids and mausoleums, including the legendary Machu Picchu, recognized as one of the new wonders of the world, and numerous other structures of ancient civilizations.

During our journey, we will cover over 3,000 km of Peruvian roads, conquer high mountain passes, and ascend to an altitude of almost 5,000 meters above sea level. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna, as well as the natural landscapes: we will encounter lifeless deserts, sandy dunes by the Pacific Ocean, and the mountain peaks of the mighty Andes.

We have also taken comfort into consideration. In this journey, we will stay in cozy 3-4 star hotels, dine at cafes, and travel in comfortable off-road vehicles. We promise that it will be an unforgettable adventure. The beauty of this country, its unique culture, and centuries-old traditions will not leave you indifferent. Throughout this trip, you will see a country that will forever remain in your heart as a warm memory of a wonderful time spent in incredible places and in the company of kindred spirits!


Type of expedition

  • Autotour
  • Tracking
  • Adventure
  • Getting to know authentic cultures
  • Communication with pristine nature


  • 3,200 km: Lima — Paracas Desert — Ayacucho — Abancay — Cusco — Machu Picchu — Rainbow Mountains — Puno — Lake Titicaca — Colca Canyon — Arequipa — Nazca Desert — Lima

Difficulty level

  • 5 out of 10
  • Hiking routes of 6 — 8 km per day
  • Driving for 6-8 hours a day


  • The trip will last 15 days


  • Group of up to 10 people
  • Тhree cars


  • Two people each
  • Hotels 3-4*

Required requirements

  • Regular physical training
  • Driver’s license (optional)

Travel experts

  • Evgeny Shilenkoff
  • Nail Khanbekov

How much is it?

The cost of participation is 2700 €

The price includes

  • services of W-Expeditions travel experts
  • transfers to/from the airport (if you arrive and depart in accordance with our program)
  • car rental, toll roads, fuel, parking
  • accommodation in comfortable hotels of level 3 — 4 * along the route
  • breakfast in hotels
  • entrance tickets to all events specified in the program
  • assistance and advice during the preparation for the trip
  • assistance in the selection of air tickets
  • group equipment, first aid kit and oxygen

Paid separately

  • tickets from your city to Lima
  • surcharge for single occupancy (optional)
  • lunches, dinners, drinks
  • travel insurance
  • transfers not included in the program
  • excursions not included in the program
  • the rest of your expenses

travel dates

from 03 to 17.05.2024

7 seats

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Four steps to travel!


Write your name, a convenient way of communication and your wishes


Download, review, add personal data and send it to us


Make an advance payment of 10%, the remaining amount two weeks before departure

Let’s fly!

We will arrange all the necessary documents for you: tickets, accommodation reservations, permits, etc.

Expedition route

The first day of the trip

Welcome to Peru! You will be greeted by W-Expeditions staff at the airport (we recommend arriving no later than 5:00 PM local time). After collecting your luggage, we will take a comfortable minibus to check-in at our hotel.

After settling in, we will gather for a light dinner, discuss the upcoming grand plans, and get to know each other better. We will retire early to rest and recharge before the upcoming adventures.

Included: transfer, one night in a hotel.

The second day of the trip

Today is our adaptation day, nevertheless, we will wake up early, have breakfast, and head out to pick up our off-road vehicles to explore the city and its surroundings. We will bring some cash with us, while leaving documents and valuable items in the hotel safe.

The capital city, Lima, is nearly an 8-million-strong city that astonishes right from the start with its sharp transition from disadvantaged and even intimidating neighborhoods to expensive and safer areas. Some of the most prestigious and famous districts are Miraflores and Barranco. Here, the business and tourist life are concentrated: banks, offices of major companies, shopping centers, and hotels for every budget.

First of all, we will head to the city’s waterfront, which is located on a hill that offers a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. We will take memorable photos and then make our way to the heart of the capital, the Plaza de Armas (translated as «Square of Weapons» from Spanish). We will admire the historic part of the city, breathe in the air of the colonial era, and to further enrich our experience, we will visit the Larco Museum to explore archaeological findings from the pre-Columbian era.

The museum showcases the most important expressions of pre-Hispanic art, as well as the technological achievements developed by ancient Peruvian inhabitants for mining, processing, and crafting jewelry and metal objects. The museum boasts the largest collection of Tumis, ceremonial knives, and an important collection of cold and firearms embellished with gold. In the evening, we will spend time in the cozy restaurant of the hotel, engaging in conversations about the fascinating people and the culture they have created.

Included: breakfast, city tour, entrance tickets to museums.

The third day of the trip

We don’t linger in bed; instead, we have breakfast, pack our belongings, saddle up our iron horses, and head to the Paracas National Reserve, a place with stunning otherworldly landscapes. Just imagine terracotta-burgundy-pink sands of lifeless desert leading straight to the Pacific Ocean coast, while from the observation platforms 300-700 meters above sea level, breathtaking views unfold. Visiting the park leaves a truly special impression: sands of incredible colors, the azure ocean, and the wind carrying the cries of birds into the distance. It is so remarkably beautiful that it has even been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The reserve was established on September 25, 1975, with the aim of preserving the unique marine ecosystem of the Humboldt Current, distinctive formations of the coastal tropical desert, and safeguarding the historical and cultural heritage of the peninsula associated with the ancient «egghead» culture.

We will take a leisurely walk through the park, taking hundreds of beautiful photos. We will have a picnic on the beach, and then we will head back to our hotel for dinner and relaxation.

Included: breakfast, visit to Paracas Park, Paracas Culture Museum, toll roads, one night in a hotel.

The fourth day of the trip

Today we will have an eventful day full of impressions as we are going to reach an altitude of 4,700 meters above sea level. Right after breakfast, those who haven’t packed yet gather their belongings while we check out of our rooms. In the meantime, the drivers carefully inspect the cars and prepare them for our mountain journey.

Our journey will begin along the coast and pass through historical and archaeological sites with wonderfully preserved legacies of the ancient Incas. Along the way, we will make stops at the most beautiful places to acclimate, rest, and take memorable photos.

We will arrive in Ayacucho closer to the evening and check into our hotel. In the rays of the setting sun, we will have dinner and then, tired and satisfied, retire for some rest. It is important for everyone to get a good night’s sleep as we are at an altitude of over 2,600 meters above sea level, and our bodies need time to acclimate to the changed conditions.

Included: breakfast, toll roads, one night in a hotel.

The fifth day of the trip

We don’t spend much time in bed; we quickly have breakfast, drink our «magic» tea, carefully inspect our iron horses, and set off on our journey. Today, we have to cover 380 km on mountain roads, reaching altitudes of over 4,500 meters above sea level, and then descend to 2,400 meters. Oh, it’s going to be amazing!

The estimated travel time is approximately 6-8 hours, and along the way, we will make stops at the most beautiful places to rest and take incredible selfies against the backdrop of the unique Andean Cordillera. We will arrive at the hotel in the evening, have dinner, and then retire for some rest. It is important for everyone to get a good night’s sleep as we are at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above sea level, and our bodies need time to acclimate to the changed conditions.

Included: breakfast, toll roads, one night in a hotel.

The sixth day of the trip

As usual, we wake up early, have breakfast, check out of our rooms, inspect our iron horses, and continue on our journey. Today, we have to cover 300 km and embark on a trek to the beautiful Humantay Lake. In the evening, we will arrive in the legendary city of Cusco!

After reaching the Soraypampa campsite, we will take some rest and begin our trek to the high-mountain lake situated at an altitude of 4,200 meters. The hiking trail (with an elevation gain of 300 meters) will take approximately one and a half to two hours. At the end of the trail, we will be rewarded with the magnificent Apu Humantay Lake. Just imagine: crystal-clear turquoise water, barely any people around, and slopes of mountains surrounding it. Those who are willing can even take a dip, although the water is quite icy, and not everyone may dare to do so. However, splashing some water on your face or dipping your feet in the lake is something that everyone can enjoy at least once.

After the trekking and water activities, we will make our way to Cusco. We will arrive in the city when it’s already dark, check into our hotel, freshen up, and then spend the evening in a cozy cafe, enjoying a delicious dinner and sharing stories about our adventures.

Included: breakfast, toll roads, entrance tickets to the park, one night in a hotel.

Seventh day of the trip

Today, you can sleep a little longer; you deserve it. We will have a leisurely breakfast, enjoy a cup of tea, and… leisurely have a second cup. Peruvian-style tea is such a pleasure that it’s hard to tear yourself away from it.

Cusco is not only the oldest city in Peru but also in all of Latin America. Having experienced two major epochs in its development, it has managed to preserve the characteristics of each. The blending of Inca culture and Spanish traditions creates a unique atmosphere and charm in the city. Today, Cusco is a modern city with a population of 550,000 people and has railway, air, and bus transportation connections.

We plan to spend the entire day exploring the ancient city, getting acquainted with its history and its people. First, we will head to the Plaza de Armas, the main square. We will visit the famous cathedral and admire its architecture and beautiful stained glass windows. Then, we will stroll along a historic street, originally built by the Incas, to reach the Coricancha, the Temple of the Sun, which was the central temple to which all roads led.

After walking along another historic street, Avenida El Sol, we will hop back into our vehicles and head to the majestic complex of Sacsayhuaman. From there, we will continue to visit Cusco’s other notable sites such as Qenko, Puka Pukara, and Tambomachay — the Water Temple, where, according to legend, there was once a fountain of youth with impressive fountains and a cult of worshiping water. On our way back, we will make a stop at another remarkable landmark — the statue of Jesus Christ. Closer to the evening, we will return to the hotel, freshen up, and then head out for dinner at a wonderful restaurant offering local cuisine. We will try the famous dish «roasted guinea pig» (zapacho de cuy) and enjoy a shot of Pisco Sour.

Included: breakfast, entrance tickets to the Sacsayhuaman citadel, one night in a hotel.

The eighth day of the trip

Today, we will wake up very early, with a planned departure from the hotel at 5:30 AM. We will have a quick breakfast and then set off to the unique and unparalleled destination — Machu Picchu.

The city is globally renowned for its unique architecture, which continues to amaze anyone who sees these stunning structures perched on the edge of a precipice. Under the guidance of a local guide, we will take a walk through the ancient city, explore the landmarks, and learn about the lives of the ancient inhabitants, their customs, and culture. And of course, we will have an incredible photo session against the backdrop of ancient walls and towering peaks.

We will have lunch in a cozy restaurant with live music and then begin our journey back. We will return to Cusco in the evening, take some time to relax, and then head out to a cozy restaurant for dinner. We can also enjoy a shot of invigorating and warming beverage during our meal.

Included: breakfast, transfer to the train station, train tickets, entrance tickets to Machu Picchu, one night in a hotel.

The ninth day of the journey

We will wake up early, have a quick breakfast, check out of our rooms, and head south. Today, we will reach another incredible place — the Rainbow Mountains. We will embark on a trek to Vinicunca Mountain, passing by herds of grazing alpacas. We will have the opportunity to see seven different varieties of these charming animals, including alpacas, suri alpacas, llamas, and more. We will definitely take memorable photos with these adorable creatures. If we’re lucky, we may even catch a glimpse of one of the largest birds — the condors.

If the weather is good, we will not only enjoy the incredible combination of colors and shades of the Rainbow Mountains but also admire the snow-capped peak of the highest mountain in the Cusco region — the majestic Ausangate, with an altitude of 6,372 meters above sea level. We will start from the base camp at an altitude of 4,300 meters above sea level, and the final point will be at 5,036 meters. The total distance of the trek is 10 km, taking approximately 2-2.5 hours one way. To conserve our energy, part of the way can be covered on horseback, while the most resilient ones can choose to walk. Upon reaching the viewpoint, we will admire the breathtaking views and take hundreds of photos. We will then have a snack with sandwiches we bring, drink hot tea, rest well, and begin our journey back.

After approximately two to three hours, we will arrive in the small and cozy town of Sicuani. We will check into our hotel and simply relax, as we surely deserve it! In the evening, we will gather for a shared dinner, celebrate our achievement of reaching 5,036 meters, and continue our conversations about the fascinating Inca civilization.

Included: breakfast, entrance tickets to the park, toll roads, one night in a hotel.

Tenth day of the trip

Today, you can sleep a little longer, have a leisurely breakfast, and then continue your journey to the city of Puno, located on the shore of one of the most famous high-altitude lakes. In this city and its surroundings, you will find the descendants of the ancient Aymara and Inca civilizations. Puno has a rich history and serves as a gateway to the fascinating world of man-made islands on Lake Titicaca.

On the way, you will see Andean cities and numerous historical sites, such as the archaeological complex of Tipon, the excavations of Pikillacta, the ancient gate of Rumicolca, and the ruins of Andahuaylillas. These sites offer a glimpse into the rich history and cultural heritage of the region.

After having lunch in Puno and taking a short rest, we will head to the pier to begin our journey on the largest high-altitude freshwater lake in South America — Lake Titicaca. We will have the opportunity to visit the famous floating reed islands, created by the Uros people using totora reeds that grow in the lake. We will take a walk on the islands and learn about the daily life and customs of the local inhabitants. It will be a unique cultural experience.

After the excursion, we will check into our hotel, take some time to rest, and then head out to dinner at one of the cozy restaurants. We can continue our exploration of the fascinating Inca civilization while enjoying a delicious meal.

Included: breakfast, entrance tickets to the park, excursion to Lake Titicaca, toll roads, one night in a hotel.

The eleventh day of the journey

Today, there is no need to rush. We will have a leisurely breakfast with views of the beautiful Lake Titicaca. Afterwards, we will gather our belongings and continue our journey. Before leaving the city, we will ascend to the «Condor» viewpoint and admire the breathtaking views. We won’t linger for too long, as we have 300 km of mountainous switchbacks, grasslands, and stunning panoramas ahead of us.

We plan to arrive in the charming city of Arequipa by lunchtime. We will check into our hotel, have lunch, and then embark on a walking tour through the historic streets. We will make sure to visit the Santa Catalina Monastery, which is like a city within a city, with its own squares, fountains, and parks. The monastery’s streets are painted in vibrant blue and orange colors, a striking contrast to the gray walls. There is so much to see here: small cells, kitchens, laundries, a church, an art gallery, and exhibitions displaying the personal belongings, ancient books, and clothing of the nuns. The monastery is still active to this day. In the past, it was prestigious to enter this monastery, and many noble families sent their daughters here, paying for their upkeep, which, it must be said, was quite austere.

Tonight is free for everyone to enjoy. Those who wish can take a stroll through the city, admire the historic architecture, purchase souvenirs, or simply relax with a glass of something warm while taking in the surrounding peaks.

Included: breakfast, excursion to the Monastery of Santa Catalina, toll roads, overnight stay in a hotel.

The twelfth day of the journey

We wake up early, have a quick breakfast, check out of the hotel, and set off on our journey. Today, we will explore the fourth deepest canyon in the world — Colca Canyon. It has a depth of 3400 meters and was formed by the activity of two volcanoes: Sabancaya and Hualca. In addition to the breathtaking views, the canyon is also known for the phenomenon where ascending air currents form in a specific location each morning, allowing the largest flying birds on our planet — the condors — to rise from the depths of the canyon.

It is believed that the air currents formed in this particular location are attractive to the condors. The birds spread their wings, «lay» on the air, and soar — an incredible spectacle that allows us to admire the beauty and majesty of these magnificent birds.

In the canyon itself, there are picturesque valleys adorned with Inca agricultural terraces. We’ll take hundreds of photos and capture the incredible views to share with our friends and followers. After lunch, we plan to descend to the Pacific Ocean coast. We’ll check into our hotel and unwind. The evening is free for leisure activities.

Included: breakfast, condor viewpoint, toll roads, overnight stay in a hotel.

The thirteenth day of the journey

Today, you can sleep a little longer, have a leisurely breakfast, and continue your journey. We will be taking a leisurely drive along the Pacific coast to the world-famous city of Nazca. Along the way, we will make stops at interesting places to enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean and the desert.

On the way, we will stop at a fishing village to take a break and try the local seafood cuisine. Closer to the evening, we will arrive in the city of Nazca, check into our hotel, relax after the journey, and have dinner at one of the local restaurants. During dinner, we can watch a documentary film about the Nazca culture, listen to local legends, and explore different theories about the purpose and creation of the Nazca Lines.

Included: breakfast, toll roads, overnight stay in a hotel.

The fourteenth day of the journey

Today after breakfast, we will split into two groups. One group will head to the airport to get a bird’s-eye view of the mysterious Nazca Lines, while the others will take a route with observation platforms to view the lines from the ground.

*Please note that a prior reservation is required for the flight, and the cost is $100 per person.

During the flight, as we soar above the Nazca Lines, we will have the opportunity to witness various figures. The first figure we will see is the depiction of a whale. Following that, we will observe the lines that, according to the theories of Erich von Däniken, were ancient runways for visitors from other planets. The next figure is one of the most controversial and intriguing ones. Unlike other drawings, this figure is located on the slope of a small hill rather than on the surface of the desert. It is oriented towards the south and, according to Maria Reiche, represents not an astronaut but a shaman or an ancient Nasca priest—a person with magical abilities. As we continue the flight, we will encounter the enormous image of a monkey, measuring approximately 90 meters in length. Then, we will see the figures of a dog, hummingbird, spider, and condor. Two of the largest drawings we will witness are the flamingo and parrot, each measuring 300 and 230 meters in length, respectively. On the return journey, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of other drawings and the stunning panoramas of the Nazca Desert.

The second group will embark on a route equipped with observation towers specifically designed for car enthusiasts. We will head to one of these observation towers, from where we will have a great view of the massive figures on the ground.

*Before the flight, we recommend taking motion sickness medication.

After gathering all participants, we will have lunch at El Cerdito al Humo café. We will enjoy our meal, share our impressions, and then continue our journey. Ahead of us is a 400 km drive to our final destination, the capital of Peru — Lima. We will check into our hotel, have dinner, and then rest for the night.

Included: breakfast, toll roads, overnight stay in a hotel.

The fifteenth day of the journey

It’s sad to say, but today is the last day of our adventure. We purposely planned this day to be free, so that everyone has the opportunity to visit places that are of particular interest to them: take another stroll through the old streets, enjoy a delicious coffee in a cozy cafe, buy souvenirs for loved ones, walk along the waterfront, and so on.

That sounds like a wonderful plan! Gathered together in one of the cozy restaurants, we’ll have a farewell lunch with delicious dishes from the local cuisine and a bottle of local Malbec wine. It’s a perfect way to reminisce about our adventures and enjoy each other’s company one last time.

It’s time to say goodbye. As we transfer together to the airport, there may be bittersweet moments of farewell, with hugs, tears of both sadness and joy, and promises of future reunions. The memories we’ve created and the experiences we’ve shared will stay with us forever. Farewell, and until we meet again!

Included: breakfast, airport transfer

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what else needs to be considered

The majority of expenses for organizing the trip, such as transportation tickets, accommodation, excursions, services of local guides, etc., are handled by us well in advance of the journey. The prepayment or payment made by you is non-refundable in the event of your cancellation. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to refund it.


  • Tickets to Machu Picchu are personalized, and it is not possible to purchase them in advance. If you join the tour less than 15 days before, there is a high probability that the tickets are already sold out.


  • Arrival: we meet you with a sign W-expeditions at the airport of the city of Lima. Arrival time no later than 20:00 (local time)
  • Departure: Transfer to the airport of Lima. Recommended departure time after 10:00 (local time)

Clothing and equipment

  • a small backpack, for water, snacks and documents
  • lightweight hiking trousers, shirts, windbreakers
  • protective cream, sun protection glasses, hygienic lipstick and headgear
  • comfortable hiking shoes, preferably several pairs: boots, sneakers
  • a patch, iodine and necessarily a set of personal medicines for your specific cases​
  • the mains voltage is 220 V, 60 Hz. An adapter adapter is required for a vertically flat (American) connector.
  • you will receive a complete list of necessary equipment and clothing from the personal manager of w-espeditions

Religion, language

  • Official language: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara. English is understood only in cities, good hotels, shops. 80% of the population are Catholics.


  • All restrictions have been removed
  • We recommend purchasing medical insurance that covers the costs of COVID-19 treatment


  • Citizens of Canada, the USA, the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine do not need a visa to Peru


  • UTC−5


  • Mandatory vaccinations are not required


  • The official currency of Peru is the new sol. In cash circulation there are banknotes in denominations of 10 salt, 20 salt, 50 salt, 100 salt, coins in 0.10 salt, 0.20 salt, 0.50 salt, 1 salt, 2 salt, 5 salt.


  • We reserve the right to skip any event due to insurmountable circumstances
  • The start and end times of services specified in the program may vary depending on traffic and other unforeseen circumstances
  • You will receive detailed instructions, recommendations on equipment and priority items immediately after connecting you to a closed chat
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